If the business of running your business is wearing you down, don’t waste another minute. You are too valuable to be doing $20 per hour jobs. The operations tasks that hold the business together can overtake your entire day, week, year, and the creative person that started this business to begin with is lost in the shuffle. Whether you have a small virtual team, or a large in-house team, your job as founder, owner, CEO is to set the vision for the business, and to share the branding of you and your business to the masses that are today, suffering because they haven’t met you and don’t have access to your genius. You are the “Chief Growth Officer” and your talents are best used get the word out and to grow the business. If you are still clunking around in Infusionsoft, dealing with daily finances, or answering customer service emails, you are wasting your talents and doing a dis-service to yourself, your team and especially your current and potential customers.

But how, you ask, do I step away? There are proven ways to manage this transition that startup and entrepreneurial CEO’s have used for years. It just takes a bit of structure and a lot of courage to hand off the baton.

Are you ready to take a leap, to get back to the reason you got into this business to begin with? It really isn’t hard, it simply takes looking a few processes in your business, deconstructing them so they are simplified and clear, and then putting structures in place so they can be repeated yet flexible.

We work in eight major areas of your business:

Branding and Communication
Customer Service
Product Creation and Delivery

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