Now, more than ever, we are faced with seemingly insurmountable problems, and we, as heart-centered entrepreneurs want to help. The good work we do is meaningful and reaches many people that otherwise would be suffering without us, but our talents and strengths have much more potential, many more possibilities, and we, as a collective are playing small. Decisions are being made without like-minded, heart-based people at the table; decisions that will take decades to undo, that will have extreme consequences, not only for us or our client base, but for so many more that we are not currently reaching with our good work. So what is the answer?

It’s time we all use our entrepreneurial talents to galvanize the people. We are uniquely poised with vision, intellect, confidence, perseverance, passion, resilience, and flexibility. We are risk takers, expert net workers, we can sell and promote, we crave learning and understand that failure is part of the game.

If you are starting to realize, that despite how your friends and peers see you, you have been dreaming too small. You have a new hunger for a level of mastery and significance that brings consciousness and meaning beyond what you have previously imagined; if you are ready to broaden your impact in a way that is today concealed by your past constraints, you are ready for a new circle – you are ready for Founders Unleashed.

Founders Unleashed is a group of like-minded peers who are happy, successful, have high-integrity, who can deal with stepping into the abyss of the unknown, and that want to, and in fact feel as they must, contribute to founding a new future.

The world is calling on those of us who are ready, with the boldest of hearts, minds and souls. It’s not enough to create a movement in isolation, the kind of help that is needed requires massive support, like-minded, yet unique critical thought, and monumental action. This level of change requires the strongest of individuals that are committed to working together.

We are searching for those who are of the same spirit but most definitely without the struggle. We seek the uber curious, those experienced and comfortable with legitimate risk, who want an adventure of a life time, and who know we will indeed return, but in such an evolved way that others may not recognize us as we were before.

If you have the courage and are excited about the possibility of being invited to join us on this adventure, we want to talk to you.

Kindly check your schedule to find a time that works for us both and let’s get this party moving.

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